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AIAG’s industry exclusive Supply Safe ™: Cyber Safe Check: Now updated and improved!

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It’s easier than ever to get a free quick scan, now free for all employees!

The number of employees working from home has skyrocketed this year. While many businesses are discovering they can operate effectively and efficiently in this environment, the number of employees working off a controlled corporate network increases cyber risk substantially. In fact, according to the FBI, complaints about cyberattacks have increased 400% since the middle of March. The threat to corporate networks, not to mention employee’s personal networks, is greater than ever.

That’s why AIAG partnered with NQC, a global leader in cyber threat detection, to enhance our Cyber Safe Bundles and give you even greater protection.

Now everyone, member and non-member alike, can get a free quick scan of their network – corporate or personal - no logins required, no strings attached.

Our new Cybersafe Check is an improved and innovative approach that guides you through the same steps hackers take, allowing you to do what hackers do and see what they see. Comprised of a quick scan of one of your web facing services or IP addresses and an assessment of your cyber controls, you’ll benefit from a detailed report outlining weaknesses that cyber criminals can exploit and a corrective action plan to secure your organization from cyber attacks.

Check out the updated Cybersafe Check quick scan and assessment!