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AIAG’s New Cybersecurity Guidelines Publication Has Arrived!

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In today’s increasingly technology driven and connected world, protecting data is more challenging – and more critical – than ever before. Given the growing complexity of global supply chains, and the sheer volume of highly sensitive information being exchanged, the need for a standardized approach in addressing information security is also more vital than ever before. 

That’s where AIAG’s new publication comes in.

The Cyber Security 3rd Party Information Security document was created at AIAG as part of a collaborative initiative to create a common set of cybersecurity expectations for OEMs and their automotive trading partners. This document was drafted by information security leaders and executives from GM, Ford, FCA and Honda, and socialized with their counterparts from Toyota, Nissan, Caterpillar, Bosch, Continental and Magna.

This newly developed publication outlines the minimum guidelines for the secure exchange of information for supplier partners who collect, process, manage, access or store OEM data outside of the OEM’s computing environment.

By implementing these guidelines, suppliers – particularly those working with multiple OEMs – will be able to focus on complying with a single, cohesive set of cybersecurity expectations, instead of having to meet different (and potentially conflicting) guidelines. OEMs, in turn, will benefit from knowing that their supplier partners are helping protect confidential and sensitive data.

Read more about this new release and view purchase options by visiting bit.ly/AIAGcybersecurity



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