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All You Need to Know about GD&T


An important aspect of any product’s design is the engineering process, which has its own set of rules, codes, and languages. This is where GD&T is often used.

What is GD&T?

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance (GD&T) is a system for defining and communicating engineering tolerances on mechanical engineering drawings using a symbolic language. It is used in automotive, aerospace, electronic, and commercial industries to effectively communicate how to successfully manufacture products.

AIAG offers a range of courses, including Basic GD&T and Advanced GD&T training, to familiarize you with GD&T and its uses.

Who would benefit from learning more about GD&T?

  • Quality and layout personnel and support staff who must communicate with engineering and manufacturing, as well laboratory technicians who must perform gauging to layouts.
  • Personnel from areas of product engineering, industrial engineering, and quality.

Being better acquainted with the terminology, the symbology, and the concepts of GD&T increases productivity and cooperation between departments and personnel. To learn more about course offerings and how AIAG can help your company improve, download the 2015 Product and Training Catalog.

photo credit: Designer Toolbox, c. 1980 via photopin (license)



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