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Announcing Our 2024 Quality Summit Closing Keynote, Gregory Offner!

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Scheduled for October 3-4 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan, our 2024 Quality Summit will include author, workforce strategist, and award-winning keynote speaker, Gregory Offner!

Find out more about Gregory and his closing keynote presentation at this year's event below, and be sure to head to the AIAG Store to sign up to be notified once we open registration

Gregory Offner is an author, workforce strategist, and award-winning keynote speaker. He is the founding partner of the Global Performance Institute, a boutique consulting firm supporting organizations and executives seeking to get the most out of their workforce. Gregory previously held leadership roles in the outsourced services and risk management industries, developing future leaders and advising some of the most recognizable names in business.

The Tip Jar Culture: These days it seems like employee entitlement is at an all-time high, while engagement is at an all-time low. But what most leaders see as problems with workforce culture are actually just symptoms of the real problem.

In this unforgettable keynote former dueling pianist and award winning speaker Gregory Offner will demonstrate three principles of engagement—found in a piano bar—then discuss the strategies and stories of organizations who’ve applied these principles to business with phenomenal results.

Attendees will leave inspired, entertained, and equipped to put these principles into action, and create a Tip Jar Culture™️ of their own.


  • A framework to create a sustainable engagement strategy that appeals to broad and diverse employee groups.
  • Three tools to implement simple, but effective, shifts in the experience of work that eliminate the three major frustrations causing employees to leave.
  • Insight into the question that most leaders don’t ask, but all employees wish they would.


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