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Are YOU a Supply Chain Expert? Test Your Level of Knowledge!

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The Supply Chain Management (SCM) Team at AIAG is getting ready to launch the brand new Materials Management and Logistics Knowledge Assessment for individuals new to – or changing roles within – the Supply Chain field.

This 30 question timed assessment module is not only free, but easy to use. Individuals can test their knowledge in a variety of SCM disciplines, including Inbound Logistics, International Trade and Customs, Finished Vehicle Logistics, Risk Management, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Basics, and more.

After completing the assessment, users will receive an email detailing their individual scores by category, so they can target their next direction of study – something AIAG can help with, too!

For more information on the impending release of the new Materials Management and Logistics Knowledge Assessment, stay tuned in the coming weeks. We’ll be sending out an additional notification as soon as the assessment is available!



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