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Benefits to Getting your Internal Auditor Certification from AIAG


Much like a tooth cleaning at the dentist or a routine oil change on a car, internal audits are a vital part of keeping quality management systems running smoothly. And similar to the dental and car maintenance situations, the skills and certifications of the person conducting the audit can significantly change your perception of the diagnosis. AIAG offers a wide range of training options to enhance the capabilities of your internal auditors, all of which can be held at your facility. Whether internal or lead, AIAG has an auditor certification course for your needs.

Benefits to auditor certification include:

Improved systems: Performing audits on your QMS not only keeps it running smoothly, but also enables continuous quality improvement.

Developed auditing skills: Hands-on class work, exercises and case studies will prepare you to effectively run your audit, as well as oversee internal auditors during the course of an audit.

Increased value: Through AIAG’s auditor courses you will increase your value by demonstrating the auditor skills expected by the OEM’s, and confidently providing a thorough, well executed audit plan for your company.

AIAG Auditor Certification courses include:

Find out more about all the different certifications AIAG offers and register online today!



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