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Call to Action for the new 3D Technical Data Package (TDP) Exchange Guideline is Open for Registration

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AIAG proudly announces that the Call to Action for the new 3D Technical Data Package (TDP) Exchange Guideline project will occur on 9 May 2018 at 10:00 AM at AIAG in Southfield, Michigan. This project, which is a subset of the larger Model Based Enterprise (MBE) platform, will develop a guideline for the exchange of technical data that is traditionally shared on a part print (i.e. data that is not included in the math data exchange). The work group will initially focus on technical data exchanges between organizations for co-designed products, but products designed by one organization will be added if there are enough group volunteers.

Currently, the automotive industry's methods of sharing product design information generates waste by requiring suppliers to adopt unique product design systems, data formats and information standards for each OEM as they require designs to be completed in their specified CAD/modeling format. Suppliers, especially at the tier one level, must convert information to a usable format for their internal/downstream suppliers' operations while operating multiple independent, internal design environments to accommodate each OEM’s specific digital requirements. Additionally, design records and specifications that are integral components of part prints are not adequately packaged with the master math data. 

Customers deal with the risk that their intended design, which includes design data and design notes, is not accurately translated by the supplier, causing product quality issues either during assembly or in the field. Additionally, customers experience increased design costs and/or slower timing due to the dedicated resources required to handle their unique design and data requirements and operating systems. These scenarios add costs, complexity, delay and potentially diminished product quality while increasing the risk of error due to additional data translations and/or multiple customer specific operating systems.

The 3D TDP work group will deliver a product design information exchange guideline for design data sharing and collaboration between suppliers and customers to promote the accurate exchange of necessary design information and reduce the data exchange cycle time between organizations. The team's initial focus, co-designed products, will cover collaboratively designed products by the customer and supplier that require data exchanges and data conversions as both parties do not have direct access to each other's data. Both parties share the intellectual property ownership.  The information exchanged includes (but is not limited to) math data, design records, and design specifications.

Volunteers are needed to ensure a successful program. The 3D TDP Work Group is open to individuals with working knowledge of customer and/or supplier design and information exchange processes from product development, systems (e.g. PLM) and information specialist roles as an OEM, tiered supplier, or collaborative subject matter expert.  Sub-tier suppliers are encouraged to participate in this work group.

The Call to Action for the 3D TDP Work Group will occur on 9 May 2018 at 10:00 AM.  The two hour meeting will be held at AIAG in Southfield, Michigan.  To register for the event, please click here.  Please contact Brian Martensen at bmartensen@aiag.org or 248.358.9774 for more information.



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