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CBP Launches Global Business Identifier Pilot to Increase Supply Chain Visibility

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WASHINGTON – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), will collaborate with 13 partner government agencies to deploy a Global Business Identifier (GBI) pilot program that will test the concept of a single business identifier solution to improve the US Government’s ability to efficiently identify high-risk shipments and facilitate legitimate trade.

Through the GBI Evaluative Proof of Concept (EPoC), volunteers from the trade community will provide CBP with entity identifier codes, used widely in various industries, to allow more comprehensive insight into shipper, seller, and manufacturer data.

The pilot seeks to modernize trade processes by evaluating unique business identifiers or a combination of identifiers to replace, at a future point, the decades-old Manufacturer/Shipper Identification (MID) number currently used to track customs information, which only includes importer name and address and is not a managed, unique identifier.

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