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Make your designs more efficient with AIAG’s Design Review Based on Failure (DRBFM) Guide


Your current design works, but you may be looking for a way to make it more efficient. AIAG’s Design Review Based on Failure Modes (DRBFM) Reference Guide provides guidance on this in-depth analysis process that focuses on engineering changes once a baseline design has been established. It works by analyzing your current design identifying areas for improvement, and defining the impact of the change.

DRBFM addresses all your concerns about:

  •  Designing to meet customer requirements 
  •  Validation of the proposed changes
  •  Manufacturing the approved design

Adopting the DRBFM methodology has many benefits for your company. It ensures that proposed design changes meet all engineering requirements, increases customer satisfaction and reduces the likelihood of warranty occurrences. The DRBFM Reference Guide provides guidance and examples of procedures on how the technical risk can be represented and addressed to ensure the revised design meets quality and customer expectations.

The DRBFM is offered in hardcopy as well as an e-Document, with a discounted price for AIAG members. Purchase your copy today!



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