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Don’t Miss Important USMCA Best Practices Webinar on March 2nd

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As the automotive trade compliance community dives into the second year of USMCA qualification and the corresponding supplier solicitation process, numerous challenges exist as well as new questions around what has changed, including:

  • What are the necessary steps to qualify goods under USMCA?
  • Which best practices have been identified and what are the steps and processes involved?
  • What is expected of us by our OEM or Tier I customers?

Hear from three highly regarded experts in the automotive space — each of whom has been directly involved with AIAG’s powerhouse, heavily experienced USMCA/NAFTA 2.0 Work Group since its inception. “USMCA — Beyond Implementation and Into Best Practice” will feature remarks from Arent Fox’s David Hamill, Stellantis’s (formerly FCA Group) Steve Britt, and Lear Corp.’s Steve Gardon.

While a brief amount of time will be spent discussing USMCA at a higher level, this webinar is intended to take a deeper look at some of the more substantive questions arising from the solicitation process itself, including what has changed with the compliance burden, and what are some recommendations to streamline the solicitation process. This webinar is designed for customs compliance practitioners, trade compliance staff, customs management, purchasing management, international trade professionals, OEMs, Tier 1–3 suppliers, service providers, any AIAG member or prospective member company, automotive leadership, trade management service providers, customs brokers, and transportation professionals.

Join us on March 2nd for this dynamic and knowledge-rich discussion!