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EPA Deadline Extended

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On September 23, 2021, the U.S. EPA extended the reporting deadline for health and safety data on 20 high-priority chemicals and 30 organohalogens.

EPA issued a prepublication version of a rule that would extend the reporting and submission deadline for the Health and Safety Data Reporting rule under TSCA. The deadline is extended to December 1, 2021, for High Priority Substances (twenty), and to January 25, 2022, for the thirty (30) organohalogen flame retardants.

The Health and Safety Data Reporting Rule, promulgated under TSCA section 8(d), requires manufacturers (including importers) of certain chemical substances to submit lists and copies of certain unpublished  health and safety studies to the EPA. 

In its draft notice and rule, EPA notes it has not issued TSCA Section 8(d) rules for several years, and because of the time lapse, manufacturers may not be familiar with certain compliance requirements. EPA has posted an “historic” 1989 guide for this purpose. 

The 22-page guide, General Questions and Answers About Reporting Under the TSCA s 8(d) Health and Safety Study Reporting Rule clarifies what type of monitoring reports must be submitted, how the definition of “study” as applied to monitoring data relates to operations reports, and that the rule exempts the submission of underlying data.

The Rule, in pre-publication, is posted here. This final rule will be effective as of the date of publication in the Federal Register.