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Free AIAG & VDA FMEA Whitepaper Now Available!


With the official release of the AIAG & VDA FMEA Handbook just around the corner, we’ve put together a whitepaper detailing some of the most important improvements you can expect to see in the new handbook.

Learn why the FMEA Manual has been revised, what steps to follow once the handbook is released, and what changes to prepare for, including:

  • The new 7-step Approach for FMEA development.
  • The enhanced direction of FMEA Planning and Preparation.
  • The inclusion of more specificity in the criteria to determine levels for Severity, Occurrence and Detection ratings.
  • The completely new section, Supplemental FMEA for Monitoring and System Response (FMEA-MSR).

Download the Whitepaper

Find out more and download this free whitepaper now! https://go.aiag.org/aiag-vda-fmea-whitepaper