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Free Cyber Knowledge Self-Assessment Now Available!

cyber security concept - blog

Ready to check your cybersecurity knowledge? Our newest online offering – the AIAG Basic Cyber Knowledge Self-Assessment – is now available for FREE at the AIAG Store! 

This "open book" self-assessment covers the basics of cybersecurity in seven distinct areas:

  • General
  • Backup
  • Malware
  • Smartphones/tablets
  • Passwords
  • Phishing Avoidance
  • USB Use

While not many users will be an expert in all areas, this assessment is based on key concepts and knowledge areas that virtually all professionals in the automotive supply chain should have some level of familiarity with. As such, any distance from a 100% score should be insightful as to your current knowledge regarding this subject matter. 

With only 12 questions – and a 15 minute time frame for completing them – this free self-assessment is a simple way to better understand your current cybersecurity knowledge, and begin identifying opportunities for improvement! 

Click here to purchase your free AIAG Basic Cyber Knowledge Self-Assessment today! 



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