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Whether your team is working remotely, back at the office, or somewhere in between, AIAG has the cybersecurity resources you need to help ensure your network is secure moving forward.

FACT: Your web connections are constantly being targeted by hackers for vulnerabilities

With new vulnerabilities discovered every day and with more people working remotely, the threat to our corporate and home systems is growing exponentially. To avoid the lasting and devastating impact of a cyberattack, action is needed.

To combat this critical and persistent threat, we have enhanced our Supply Safe™: CYBERSAFE CHECK to give you even greater protection, and everyone in the auto industry has access to the CYBERSAFE CHECK assessment and a comprehensive scan of one IP address – FREE. No strings attached; no login required.

Offered in partnership with NQC, a global leader in cyberthreat detection, the Supply Safe™: CYBERSAFE CHECK is an innovative approach that guides you through the same steps hackers take — allowing you to do what hackers do and see what they see.


Along with a quick scan of one of your web-facing services and an assessment of your cyber controls, you’ll also receive a detailed report outlining cyber weaknesses with a corrective action plan to address any security concerns.

Simply click here now to be redirected to our cybersecurity resource page, which also includes links to free reports and articles, relevant NIST standards, eLearning tools, and more!

Or click here to check out our full repository of Industry Resources for Supply Chain Disruptions and Recovery.



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