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Free Supply Chain Assessment Alert – Test Your Knowledge Today!

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AIAG’s newest Supply Chain self-assessment is here! Are you a Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) expert? Find out with our new Finished Vehicle Logistics Knowledge Assessment, now available for FREE at the AIAG Store.

Timed to allow users 40 minutes to complete 35 questions, the assessment covers five critical areas of Supply Chain Management: purchasing, quality management, logistics/port processing and international trade and customs – all as related to the supply chain and distribution of finished vehicles.

In addition to testing your base knowledge in these areas, the assessment is also intended to help users identify areas of potential interest and opportunities for further professional development – so this is a great resource to revisit in the future as you grow your expertise in FVL.

But wait…there’s more! If you want to test your knowledge in Supply Chain Management more broadly, you may want to check out our Materials Management and Logistics Knowledge Assessment (MMLKA). Like the new FVL assessment, this is a free online resource that allows users to evaluate their knowledge in numerous categories – namely supply chain basic concepts; inventory management; risk management; inbound logistics and transportation; customs, cargo security and international trade; and supply chain sustainability.

Click here to be redirected to the new Finished Vehicle Logistics Knowledge Assessment at the AIAG Store OR Click here to view the Materials Management and Logistics Knowledge Assessment. Good luck!



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