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New FAE Webinars Now Available

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Ready for more Future Automotive Expert (FAE) content? Check out the following recordings from the first quarter of 2023 and the latest event on May 2nd.

FAE: Supply Chain Careers in Materials Management/Logistics — Fostering Healthier Supply Chains. This webinar, presented by Christian Aigner (SCM Planning Ford Europe, Ford) and Terry Onica (director, Automotive, QAD Inc.), focused on supply chain careers in materials management. In addition to discussing how the Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) is used to manage, assess, and benefit supply chains, Christian and Terry explored how to get started and excel in the supply chain field. The presentation is included when you register for the recording. To listen to the recording, please register here.

FAE: Supply Chain Careers in EDI and B2B Communications. Featuring Fred Coe (Senior Business Analyst, GM), Terry Onica (Director, Automotive, QAD Inc.), and Jerry Czernel, CPIM (Senior Project Manager, AIM Computer Solutions), this recording focuses on the potential and possibilities of automotive supply chain careers in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and B2B communications. Click here to find out more.

FAE: Leadership Transformation in the Automotive Industry. Our industry is experiencing massive transformation, yet we cling to a leadership model developed during the Industrial Revolution. This webinar recording with Jan Griffiths – President and Founder of Gravitas Detroit – explores a leadership model for the future, and “blows up” myths about accountability. Learn more.

FAE: Creating a Culture of Quality - Part 1, Part 2. In this two-part recording, Plex VP of Product Management, Anthony Murphy, explores how creating a culture of quality through the installation of an advanced QMS and a shift in mindset drives operational rigor and helps mitigate risk. Click here for Part 1, and click here for Part 2.



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