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Helpful Documents in the APQP Process


Once a supplier is awarded business, it is time for the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) phase to begin between the supplier and customer. Typical parts of this process are definition of scope, feasibility, process design and development, product and process validation, feedback and assessment, and control plan methodology. These aspects are pulled from the AIAG Advanced Product Quality Control Plan reference manual. This manual also identifies which pieces of APQP applies to the different types of suppliers and gives plan templates.

Another useful document for suppliers in the planning process is the AIAG Measurement Systems Analysis reference manual. This manual gives guidelines for the planning and validation of applicable procedures, procedures, and devices. This is a key component to the APQP process so it is essential to follow them.

If you would rather attend a webinar or classroom session, AIAG offers learning opportunities that focus on APQP:

The CQI-19 document gives a general outline of these documents, but it is best to consult the manuals themselves. The AIAG Advanced Product Quality Control Plan reference manual and the Measurement System Analysis reference manual are both available to members, so join now to get a head start on the planning process.



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