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How Does Your Knowledge of AIAG’s Quality Core Tools Stack Up?

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In 2012, AIAG introduced its free online Core Tools Self-Assessment (CTSA) as a way to measure an employee’s competency with the Automotive Core Tools and identify areas that require improvement.   Available in eight languages, the CTSA is a timed (75 minutes) open book self-assessment that covers APQP/PPAP, FMEA, MSA, and SPC. When completed, each individual receives an e-mail detailing his or her scores for each Core Tool. These results are confidential, and shared only with the participant. The CTSA can be taken every 30 days, allowing individuals time to address any knowledge gaps, and monitor their improvement in the Core Tools. 

Since the Core Tools Self-Assessment launched, AIAG has experienced a steady increase in both the number of self-assessments completed, and the number of companies represented by these individuals, as indicated in the graphs below. As of March 2018, a total of 10,438 assessments had been completed – 8,458 of which were completed by unique users from 1,693 different organizations. The most self-assessments taken in any given month were in October 2017, with March and October (annually) producing the highest number of completed self-assessments.  

Core Tools Chart 1          Core Tools Chart 2

Core Tools Chart 3

Self-assessment score averages have been relatively flat since the inception of the CTSA. Overall, the industry is showing its strongest performance in FMEA, while MSA is the lowest performing core tool.  APQP/PPAP and SPC trends are relatively flat as well, mirroring the industry average. The yearly averages for SPC and the industry appear to correlate, but there is actually no correlation, negating SPC as a predicting value for individuals’ average scores. 

With an average score around 65%, MSA is the core tool that needs the greatest amount of industry attention. The average score for 2014, which is the highest MSA yearly average, is based on just 736 completed assessments. Since 2015, the average has returned to the initial trend as the number of completed assessments each year has continued to rapidly increase. (The number of assessments increased to 1,492 exams in 2015 – a 102% increase from 2014.) 

Core Tools Chart 4          Core Tools Chart 5

Core Tools Chart 6          Core Tools Chart 7

Core Tools Chart 8

As more self-assessments are completed, it is clear from the average scores – particularly in MSA – that there is still room for improvement. In addition to using the self-assessment to gauge individuals’ Core Tools competency, AIAG also offers web-based and classroom training opportunities for the Core Tools, as well as resources like the Core Tools Key Terms document. For more information and to access the free online self-assessment, visit AIAG’s Automotive Core Tools page!              



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