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International Material Data System (IMDS) Training Now Available!

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No department is more aware of customer requirements than the quality department. This is why quite often the quality department is tasked with International Material Data System (IMDS) reporting. For every manufactured part, a Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) must be completed. PPAP can only be completed if there has been an accepted IMDS report. 

IMDS reporting can be a difficult task without also understanding the product compliance regulations. It is extremely important that all in the supply chain report accurate information. IMDS is in place to ensure that materially our products meet all the product compliance and recyclability regulations globally. 

Ready to learn more? Check out AIAG’s IMDS specific trainings:

IMDS Basic Concepts and Application,
This instructor-led course is designed to ensure users are familiar with all aspects of the IMDS system.  Students will receive hands on instructions on how to build, receive and submit data related to ongoing customer requests.  All basic concepts will be reviewed in detail providing students with confidence to function competently in the IMDS system.

During this course, you will work on the official HPE IMDS training system.  As part of the course, each student will receive a personal training license ID that will remain valid for 4 weeks after completion of the training. 

Advanced IMDS
The growing concern regarding substance uses in products, its recycling or disposal has created a lot of legislations and global actions in the last years.

Providing excellent quality material declaration data to your customers requires a thorough understanding of these regulations. Professionals must be prepared for the impact of these requirements on the future of their business. This course provides an extension of the IMDS Basic Concepts and Application course, to help you understand the regulations and anticipate their impact on your business.  Additionally, students will receive hands on instruction on how to utilize IMDS’ more complicated features, such as Chemistry Manager, Where Used Analysis, MDS Update and MDS Request. 




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