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Just Added! CQI-11 Plating System Assessment Videos Now Available

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The CQI-11 Plating System Assessment, 3rd edition was created to help automotive suppliers develop a plating management system based on the electroplating industry’s best practices.

Whether you’re new to the assessment or simply looking for a refresher, our new CQI-11 video series – consisting of 6 short videos for the various Plating System Assessment sections – can help. These resources were designed to familiarize you with the document layout and overall process, along with how to complete each section, and the specific expectations for completion of the assessment overall.

Video 1: Document Overview – Describes the format of the assessment.

Video 2: Section 1, Management Responsibility and Quality Planning, and Section 2, Floor and Material Handling Responsibility – Describes Sections 1 and 2 and explains how to determine Conforming, Nonconforming, or Not Applicable for the related question.

Video 3: Pyrometry – Provides an overview of the new pyrometry section (Section 3) that defines necessary equipment and detailed guidance for testing, controlling, and monitoring the thermal processes for electroplating applications.

Video 4: Job Audit – Covers how to complete Section 4, the job audit, which is a series of questions focused on the full process, beginning with receiving and ending with shipping a specific part.

Video 5: Process Tables – Reviews the process tables in the CQI-11 assessment and how to fill them out, along with how to use the form builder to accurately represent the line layout.

Video 6: Equipment – Reviews the Equipment Verification and Calibration Table.

Click here to check out the CQI-11 video series now!