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Learn More About AIAG’s Latest CTS™ Software Updates

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We’re proud to announce that our CTS™ software now includes a family and foundational FMEA database for both DFMEA and PFMEA, complying with newly announced FMEA customer specific requirements.

These new features allow CTS users to quickly and easily create specific part FMEAs by using family and foundational data pulled from the CTS database to begin building their PPAP documents. Control plans and process flow diagrams are also included in this database, so all three documents are linked and built at one time. Part specific content can also be added to specify the documents for your part.

Family and foundational content used in part specific documents is linked between these documents, and CTS notifies the user of any changes to shared content in family and foundational data or part specific data. Linking this data promotes quick document updates and ensures lessons learned are shared between multiple FMEAs and control plans, provided the data is linked to the family/foundational database. Since CTS does not automatically change content without user approval, the subject matter expert then approves the change(s) and CTS updates the records.


Along with the family/foundational database content, document revision tracking details have also been added to CTS. Each control plan/FMEA now has unique change tracking, which allows users to track changes based on date range. Data includes the date and time, along with who made the change and what was changed. This change log is exportable in a PDF file, which allows users to report on a selected date range.


Finally, revision control has also been improved in CTS. All document revisions are still retained in CTS but are now accessible under a single tab and sorted by date (based on the most recent revision at the time). All revisions are retained for the life of your subscription and can be downloaded into a ZIP file by all members of your project team. This same functionality is also used for “Published Projects,” which contains the files submitted for PPAP.


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