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M-6 Handbook Version 4 is Ready

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Version 4 of the M-6 Optimum Shipping & Receiving Systems Handbook has officially launched…get your copy today.

Providing best practices and requirements for designing and implementing an Optimum Shipping and Receiving System (OS/RS) to improve the safety and efficiency of delivering parts from suppliers to automotive plants, our latest version of the M-6 handbook is now available at the AIAG Store.

Along with an all-new section on fall protection at docks 48 inches or higher (which applies to virtually all companies with a dock), the document contains nine sections to help you understand connections between all aspects of the system. The document currently has nine modules that reference regulatory standards, automotive mandates, best-practice guidelines, and application issues. If you are in transportation (carrier), this is a customer mandate. It’s part of your purchasing contract.

All aspects of the systems are covered including forklift trucks, shipping containers, loading dock doors, dock levelers, trailer restraints, dock shelters, truck levelers, dock bumpers, dock system electrical controls, dock building wall design, truck well design, highway trailer design (floors, walls, roof, axle location, landing gear location, etc.), ISO and domestic container design, trailer, and container floor heights, material handling practices, safety practices, trailer loading and unloading practices, trailer switching practices, trailer inspection practices, marshaling yard design, as well as the existing body of industry standards and legislated regulations governing each of these areas. The committee discovered how all the elements of such a formidable complex of activities related to and affected each other, and then optimized their interrelationship.

Related training videos are also available to support those involved in shipping and receiving, including the AIAG Trailer Safety Inspection and AIAG Trailer Loading and Unloading videos. The first of these covers the critical elements in a highway trailer’s structural integrity, and how to determine whether this integrity has been compromised, while the second focuses on the proper practices to maximize safety at the loading dock for forklift truck operators.

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