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Need IMDS Training? 25% Off for Conference Attendees

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If you are registered for AIAG’s IMDS & Product Chemical Compliance Conference in October, you are eligible for 25% off on an additional training day to bring you up to speed before the conference. This special discount is available for our Monday, October 10, 2022, session of the IMDS Basic Concepts and Application training. Once you’ve registered for this year’s Conference, please contact AIAG Customer Service at 248-358-3003 for more information.

IMDS Basic Concepts and Application

This instructor-led course is designed to ensure users are familiar with all aspects of the IMDS system with an emphasis on creating quality product substance compliance data. The goal is to get you working in IMDS as quickly and efficiently as possible. Students will learn how to build, receive, and submit data in response to customer requests. All basic concepts will be reviewed in detail providing students with confidence to function competently in the IMDS system.


The training focuses on more than just how to run the IMDS interface and enter data. It includes the skills and processes needed to obtain and submit accurate quality data. The automated check routines of IMDS only go so far and are not designed to nor can they be relied on to ensure that your data is correct and accurate. You are the final judge of data quality. In this class you will learn the material basics and thought processes to apply in making judgments about data submitted by your suppliers.


In addition to presentations, the class includes exercises to practice the skills discussed in each section of the class before moving on to the next concepts. Exercises will be done in the official DXC training system for IMDS. As part of the course, each student will receive a personal training license ID that will remain valid for 4 weeks after completion of the training. 


In addition to the training, an optional practicum will be available to all students. This consists of exercises to be completed in the training system and turned in to the class instructor after completion of the basic training. A follow-up group conference call to discuss the results of the practicum will be open to all students.



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