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NEW CQI-20 Problem Solving Document Available!

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In the 2015 AIAG/Deloitte Consulting “Quality 2020” survey, problem solving was identified as one of the most critical issues impacting quality for the global automotive industry.

In response, AIAG began taking steps to substantially improve, expand and combine the existing problem solving documents – CQI-20 and CQI-21 – into a single, more comprehensive publication: CQI-20: Effective Problem Solving Guide.

Problem solving is vitally important to both OEMs and suppliers; it impacts an organization’s ability to manage, monitor, and respond to quality related events, as well as their ability to implement operational efficiencies—and it can even impact their brand and customer relationships.

The revised CQI-20 publication speaks directly to the necessity of effective problem solving. In addition to expanding upon the importance of verification of each step, closing of the process and monitoring/measuring preventative action plans, additions to the CQI-20 document include guidance on the following: how to write an accurate problem statement, establishing root cause, and the importance of selecting and testing corrective actions prior to implementing the selected corrective actions.

If your organization needs help eliminating repeat problems and implementing sustainable improvements in your processes or products, this document is for you and your team. Check it out today!

But wait…there’s more! Stakeholder review for the Traceability Guideline (CQI-28) began on September 17th, so if you have been looking for an opportunity to provide feedback, now is the time. For more detail on the document as well as the review and commenting process, click here to read last week’s informative blog post.