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New Finished Vehicle Logistics Initiatives and Updates

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Here’s a snapshot of what our Finished Vehicle Logistics groups have been up to lately!

COMING SOON! AIAG’s Connected Vehicle Committee officially kicks off on April 23rd. This group, which consists solely of OEM participants at the present, will come together with the goal of creating standards that are agreed upon by the OEMs. Topics of discussion will include – but not be limited to – the following:

  • How (and what kind of) data will be collected from the connected vehicle, and how OEMs will share it.
  • How to reduce the number of EDI timestamps down to 5 or 6 standards.
  • Platform discussions and the scale of those platforms.
  • Fleet distribution and fleet management through the connected vehicle.
  • How to enable shipment visibility at the lowest price possible.

The new Rail/Haul Visibility Workgroup, which launched in July and consists of OEM’s, Class One Railroads, and Haul-Away carriers, is working to improve visibility between the OEMs, Rail and Haul-Away entities throughout the Supply Chain from origin at the OEM yard through the rail destination yard, and to the dealer – with specific focus on improving flow-through at the destination yards. The group has created a process map and are now reviewing it to identify shortfalls and create solutions that will improve visibility. Creative and emerging technologies are critical to the success of this initiative.

The AIAG FVL group has benchmarked the ECG (European Finished Vehicle Logistics Association) FVL Glossary of Terms and is creating an FVL Global Glossary of Terms, which will be posted on the AIAG website for the industry. The glossary will contain over 500 entries covering terms from OEMs, rail, road, and maritime transport. Since many terms used in the FVL sector are abbreviated, the glossary will also contain an abbreviation list which will help the user quickly identify a term and find its definition in the document. The glossary will be constantly updated, by virtue of industry involvement. Once completed and posted to the AIAG website, we will look to industry professionals to request additions/deletions and clarification if required. This glossary should prove a valuable tool, especially for the Future Finished Vehicle Logistics leaders, and is planned to be published by year’s end.

Interested in learning more about AIAG's Supply Chain Workgroups? Contact us at SCI@aiag.org.



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