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New FVL Oversight Committee to Guide AIAG Initiatives and Activities


AIAG is establishing a Finished Vehicle Logistics Oversight Committee to provide FVL representation to the auto industry and those involved in the material handling of automotive vehicles. The FVL Oversight Committee will report directly to AIAG’s Supply Chain Steering Committee.

“Understanding the complexity of supply chain operations is an evolving and challenging part of business management in a global economy,” says Lang Ware, AIAG’s director of supply chain products and services. “To successfully continue the development of AIAG’s Finished Vehicle Logistics group and ensure we are attacking the most important opportunities for improvement in the industry, we are developing an AIAG FVL Oversight Committee.

Ware says the FVL Oversight Committee is the result of a need to quickly ramp up and develop FVL logistics at AIAG to represent the industry as a whole. “We are currently identifying and inviting key people to volunteer to lead on this high-powered committee,” he says.

Ware says AIAG is targeting presidents, CEOs, directors, and vice presidents in the FVL arena to participate.The AIAG FVL Oversight Committee will be comprised of automotive OEM members, as well as representatives from railroads, ocean carriers, trucking, FVL service providers, and advisors.

Committee members will participate in Leadership Forums, recommend potential projects to AIAG, provide FVL-related insight, and make recommendations for AIAG-sponsored FVL events.

AIAG established its FVL program to examine the complexities and challenges of the delivery of a vehicle in all parts of the supply chain between the manufacturing plant and the final customer. 

The FVL committees have published several key publications, including the Finished Vehicle Transportation Damage Standards & Guide and the Electronic Proof of Delivery processes (ePOD). Other active projects and alliances include OEM Optimization (Vehicle Co-Loading), Port Quality Assessment, and ECG in Europe (the Association of European Vehicle Logistics). 

“The FVL group has been busy, but we have much more to do,” Ware says. “With the right partners, leadership, and guidance in the industry, we will achieve much more.”

Carla Kalogeridis is AIAG e-news editor.



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