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New Publication Alert! CQI-29 Special Process: Brazing System Assessment is Now Available at the AIAG Store

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Developed in a collaborative effort by volunteers from Abbott Furnace, Ford Motor Company, Dana Incorporated, General Motors Company, and Magna International, the CQI-29 Brazing System Assessment (BSA) 1st edition is now available.

The BSA 1st edition is a comprehensive audit covering all variations of brazing intended to provide a common approach to a brazing management system for automotive production and service part organizations. The 1st edition also includes best practices across many processes and components all wrapped up into one document to share lessons learned globally.

The new Brazing System Assessment specifies process requirements for an organization or its suppliers performing applicable aluminum and stainless steel brazing. Processes covered are CAB, Vacuum, Flame, and Induction brazing, and contain requirements for part print, control plan, braze quality inspection & reports, parameter documentation, maintenance records, sustainability, process monitoring, fixturing and tooling, and thermal management.

“The CQI-29 assessments are important to the industry as a whole and specifically to individual companies because they provide a roadmap for companies to keep their procedures and processes updated,” explains Brian Hable, welding technical expert, Ford Motor Company. “This new assessment provides a scoring system which allows the OEMs to have a numerical indicator or ‘measurable’ with respect to their compliance and we can monitor the improvement actions or CQI ‘Continuous Quality Improvement’ over time.”

"This assessment provides valuable information and examples that can be used to capture known process knowledge, target issues, and make continued improvements to the brazing process,” adds Stephen Feldbauer, Director, Research and Development, Abbott Furnace Company.

The new assessment guidelines are now available in print and electronic document formats, exclusively from AIAG. Check out purchase options and click here to get your copy today!