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New Quality Core Tools Training Just Hit the AIAG Store!

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If you haven’t checked out our Quality Training Store lately, now’s the time! With four new training courses – focusing on FMEA, Reverse FMEA, SPC, and MSA, respectively – we’ve got more options than ever to choose from.

Read on to learn more about our latest offerings, and be sure to click the links below to register for upcoming sessions this August and September!

Using Baseline FMEAs to Standardize the Identification of Special Characteristics: Special Characteristics are a key component of any deployment – but balancing the hand-offs between various Core Tools can easily cause confusion for both the engineering team and customer receiving the product. Along with covering how these characteristics are generated and flow down, this workshop will help you learn to use Foundation and Family FMEA methodology to ensure you won’t have to do this work countless times for every project.

Reverse FMEA for Practitioners: As Reverse FMEA appears in more Supplier Quality Assurance documents and becomes a new requirement for various OEMs, this one-day seminar will help “demystify” the process by showing how many things included in the Reverse FMEA are already being performed in your organization. Course objectives include understanding the actual requirements for a Reverse FMEA, exploring how to implement Reverse FMEA into your organization’s existing QMS, completing a Reverse FMEA through the lens of a process audit, and more.

Understanding and Implementing Statistical Process Control (SPC): This introductory course pairs the theory of Statistical Process Control (SPC) with tactical tools to give you the best chance of effectively improving the ROI of your manufacturing control strategy. Learn how to select the appropriate tool for an identified purpose, or recognize a more complex methodology, apply the selected tool, interpret the results of the application, and make correct decisions based on that interpretation to facilitate better performing processes.

Understanding and Implementing Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA): Providing a working, practical knowledge of the tools within Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA), this one-day training focuses on why MSA is important in your management system, its key elements and tools, and how to implement it within your organization. Additional course objectives include developing action plans to minimize error in measurement, defining the elements of an MSA plan, identifying the tools necessary for conducting various MSA studies, and more.



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