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New Resource for GHS Compliance Released


AIAG’s Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Work Group has joined forces with the internship program at Purdue-Calumet University to create an easy-to-use reference document for chemical manufacturers, mixture companies/blenders, and distributers who must comply with the update requirements of OSHA HCS 2012.

The ABCs of GHS Compliant Safety Data Sheets & Labels” is available as a free download for AIAG members at www.aiag.org or in hard-copy for $29. Non-members can access electronic and printed editions for $116. 

The partnership’s collaboration, which was sanctioned by the Chemical Management and Reporting (OHCL) Advisory Committee, created the guide as a one-stop resource for companies that must comply with OSHA’s new GHS Safety Data Sheet and label requirements. OSHA required chemical manufacturers to comply beginning June 1, 2015, while mixture companies/blenders and distributors have been given an extension until December 2017 as long as they are showing good faith that they were working towards compliance.

“AIAG’s goal was to consolidate the information that was scattered through the Internet in various unrelated databases into one, user-friendly guide,” says Lecedra Welch, AIAG’s corporate responsibility program manager, environmental sustainability. “The industry will find this document indispensable as they convert their existing Material Safety Data Sheets into the GHS-compliance SDS format.” The new guide will also help users generate an SDS from public information and assist in creating GHS labels, Welch adds.

AIAG and Purdue started working on “The ABCs of GHS Compliant Safety Data Sheets & Labels” in October 2014. Representatives from 10 AIAG member companies — a coalition of OEMs and suppliers — joined forces within AIAG’s GHS Work Group to develop a compliance tool that would make the transition from MSDS to SDS more efficient for the industry.

For more information, contact Lecedra Welch at cr@aiag.org or visit www.aiag.org.



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