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New Session Details Available for This Year’s Quality Summit – Secure Your Spot Today!

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Join us October 4-5 for our 2023 Quality Summit! With two days of presentations from industry and subject matter experts, we’re eager to explore everything from the new APQP and Control Plan, to Rules 6th, quality challenges in transitioning to electrification, and much more.

Find just a few session highlights below, and stay tuned for more detail soon.

New APQP & Control Plan – What’s In It For Me? (Scott Trantham, GM; TBD, Stellantis; Keith Peterfeso, Ford): Ford, General Motors and Stellantis – the authors of the APQP manual – are updating the APQP 2nd edition with a new APQP 3rd edition, and a new, stand-alone Control Plan manual.

The updated APQP will address how to improve successful new product launches, updates to reflect “agile” project management, and the “why” behind the “what” and “when,” while the new Control Plan will provide in-depth detail on the development of control plans, with examples and guidance on ensuring robust execution.

Focusing on the updates, benefits, and goals of these new documents, this session will explore the background and value of APQP and Control Plans, along with publication dates, and other important implementation information.

Applying the AIAG Core Tools in the Semiconductor Industry (Gary Capron, Micron Technology): AIAG’s Core Tools were designed to help automotive companies improve the quality and efficiency of their processes – but the semiconductor industry has certain traits that make the Core Tools challenging to apply in some cases. Common traits such as supplying catalog parts, being a Tier 3, and having fully automated manufacturing processes can sometimes be out of sync with the application of the Core Tools. 

Focusing on using a Non-Standard Development Flow, how certain requirements are met when using fully automated processes, and the semiconductor definition of Rework, this session will help you better understand the complexities of the semiconductor industry, and how to get the most value from the Core Tools.

Quality 4.0 Briefing: Past, Present, and Future Things every QA Professional Must Understand (John Cachat, PeProSo, LLC): Quality professionals can play a vital role in leading their organizations to apply proven quality disciplines to new, digital, and disruptive technologies – but deploying a digital strategy can have unique challenges. 

Focusing on Quality 4.0 impacts on people, processes, and technology, this session will highlight the Quality 4.0 tools that should be leveraged to alleviate these challenges when implementing and deploying systems to support digital transformation.

Power of the Past, Force of the Future – Disruptive Quality (Toni Hollis, Lear Corp): With the advancement of robotics, artificial intelligence, remote learning, and advanced materials, our world – and the culture of quality – is changing rapidly.

To adjust to these changes and prepare for the future, we must anticipate and welcome disruption. How are our systems vulnerable in day-to-day activities? What do our processes tell us? We must develop ways to innovate, and in doing so, reimagine the entire system to accommodate this disruption. In this session, we will look at how the past represents the framework of the future, what the future of quality must embrace, and learn that disruption is not a bad thing.

Ready to secure your spot? Head to the AIAG Store now to take advantage of early registration (and pricing) by August 31!



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