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New Webinar on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Check out AIAG’s latest FREE webinar recording, “A Review of Scopes 1 & 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions,” with GZA GeoEnvironmental’s Michael Lipowicz.


The resolve to take action and mitigate climate change impacts has taken center stage in the corporate world. In the automotive industry specifically, the world’s largest OEMs are leading the charge in setting meaningful and science-based GHG emissions reduction targets across all facets of their value chain, especially their supply chains.


It’s quickly becoming a standard expectation for OEM suppliers to quantify, disclose, and reduce their GHG emissions with a long-term outlook towards carbon neutrality. And while some suppliers are already equipped with the planning and expertise to meet these expectations, for many others, assessing their GHG impact may be a new challenge (and opportunity) they are just beginning to take on.


To support companies in the beginning stages of developing their climate change strategy, GZA, in partnership with AIAG, has developed a complimentary educational webinar covering the basics of GHG accounting: setting organizational boundaries, calculating Scopes 1 & 2 GHG emissions, and setting a base year to serve as the foundation for future GHG emissions targets.


Click here to register* for this free recording today!

*Note: After registering, be sure to check the Webinars section in your My Account area to download the presentation slides. This file provides the resource links Michael presents and will help you follow along with the recording.



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