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Our Hex Chrome Elimination Status Survey Ends May 7, 2024...Respond Today to Make Your Voice Heard!

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AIAG’s Electroplating Workgroup is requesting your support with a new survey to facilitate a more in-depth understanding of industry initiatives to eliminate hexavalent chromium in decorative electroplating. The workgroup seeks to identify roadblocks and enablers to foster this transition with minimal disruption. 

Your detailed and explicit feedback on this survey will be extremely valuable in strengthening industry’s awareness of the complexities and challenges surrounding this goal and providing insight into current and future situations, including the directions of OEMs and capabilities of their suppliers.

Please click here for a video with more information on this anonymous survey. (Note: AIAG will correlate survey responses and release the overall results at SUR/FIN 2024.)

The automotive industry’s transition to environmentally safe, sustainable, and regulatory compliant decorative technology is just beginning, but its eventual success is certain. The aim is to achieve these goals through continued and even greater use of electroplated components.

As your organization’s valuable perspective and insights will greatly assist in achieving this goal, please complete the survey by May 7, 2024, to ensure your feedback is included. 



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