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APQP and CP Covers 2

If you haven't checked out the new APQP 3rd Edition and standalone Control Plan yet, now's the time! 

Addressing increasing demands imposed by higher automation — and ultimately autonomous driving, electrification, and the expanding definition of mobility — the new documents are now available in both hard copy and eDocument format, individually or as a discounted kit. 

Required by General Motors as of September 1, 2024, find out more about the new editions below, and be sure to check out our APQP and Control Plan page for additional resources, training, and more, including our new Introduction to APQP eLearning.

APQP 3rd Edition: This updated manual addresses how to improve successful new product launches with revisions to reflect agile product management and new sections on sourcing, change management, APQP program metrics, risk assessment mitigation plans, and gated management. Further revisions include new information on part traceability, various checklists, and examples of common analytical techniques used during the APQP process.

Control Plan 1st Edition: Clarifying various requirements and providing additional guidance, this standalone manual offers further explanation on linkages to APQP processes, best practices for effectively using control plans, and revised examples, tables, forms, and checklists. Other changes include the new "Safe Launch" requirement to control plan phases and examples of developing plans for highly automated manufacturing applications.

(Note: Electronic versions of forms and checklists included in the appendices of the new manuals will also available in your "My Account" space after purchase.)

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