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Just Added: Additional APQP and Control Plan Training Now Available!

APQP and CP Covers 2

Did you know that APQP 3rd Edition and Control Plan 1st Edition will be required by GM September 1, 2024, with Ford and Stellantis soon to follow? Now's the time to start preparing!

Check out the following list of in-person, live virtual, and eLearning opportunities to learn more, including our newest hybrid course for APQP and Control Plan fundamentals, along with brand-new eLearning modules for each tool. 

[NEW!] APQP and Control Plan Fundamentals: Covering both the APQP 3rd Edition and Control Plan 1st Edition in a single day, this hybrid training helps attendees better understand key updates and associated deliverables. (Note: Copies of both publications are also included in the cost of registration.)

APQP Overview: Designed to provide an overview of the new APQP 3rd Edition, this one-day course covers both the technical and managerial aspects of APQP to help you gain a more well-rounded understanding of program management. 

APQP and Control Plan: Transitioning: This two-day “transitioning” training focuses on updates and changes in the APQP 3rd Edition to facilitate a better understanding of how your APQP program will be impacted, provide examples of new elements, and more.

APQP, Control Plan and PPAP - Understanding and Implementing: Focusing on both the managerial and technical aspects of APQP, this three-day course includes case studies for practical analysis along with other techniques successful practitioners have used over the years. 

Control Plan Understanding and Implementing: Designed for a variety of learners, this one-day course covers everything from development to maintenance, focusing on certain areas that are often overlooked and best practices for monitoring your control plan.

[NEW!] Introduction to APQP eLearning: Focusing on high level topics, this eLearning reviews the history and structure of APQP, benefits and best practices, the role APQP accomplishes for the business system, key concepts including gateways and activities, and more.

[NEW!] Introduction to Control Plan eLearning: Including best practices for crafting your own control plans, this eLearning covers the language and techniques used in everyday control plan activities, the role of control plans in the Core Tools structure, and more. 



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