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Ready for MMOG/LE V4 Requirements?


AIAG’s Global Materials Management Operational Guidelines/Logistical Evaluation (MMOG/LE) provides industry best practices, establishes a common definition of materials practices to facilitate effective communication between trading partners, and is the global standard for supply chain management processes.

AIAG’s training will help you be ready as OEMs require use of MMOG/LE to help mitigate supply chain risks. The tool can be used by both supplier and customer throughout the entire product lifecycle, from early product development and pre-production phases through the post-production aftermarket/service phases.

Aug. 05: Global MMOG/LE Level 1 Training
In light of global economic challenges and vehicle fluctuation and demand, it is more important than ever to focus attention on supply chain management issues including customer requirements, capacity constraints, contingency planning, sub-tier capability, resource allocation, and employee skills.

This course is designed to improve materials management efficiency and effectiveness in your supply chain by leveraging the Global Materials Management Operations Guideline Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE). MMOG/LE is the global standard for supply chain management processes that reduces costs from errors, waste, and workload for suppliers and customers.

MMOG/LE Version 4 provides Full and Basic versions that allow lower-tier suppliers to select the tool that best meets their needs. Registration for classes held at AIAG includes electronic copies of the MMOG/LE Version 4 document. Expect to learn best practices to complete the MMOG/LE assessment tool, identify gaps, and prepare action plans. The classroom setting is designed to allow students to interact with the instructor, complete group exercises, and network with other users and OEM representatives. This course is designed for all levels of organizations that want to better understand MMOG/LE and benefit from its implementation.


MMOG/LE Version 4 Now Available
The purpose of the MMOG/LE - Version 4 is to provide a single assessment tool that enables a comprehensive evaluation of MP&L performance and capability. The MMOG/LE tool enables organizations in the global automotive supply chain to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of its supply chain capability and performance.

One of the major amendments incorporated into Version 4 is the development of MMOG/LE Basic, a filtered version of the Full MMOG/LE assessment, to be used by the tiered supply base to assess their sub-suppliers.

The Full Version 4 contains 197 MMOG/LE criteria. The Basic Version 4 is a subset of the "Full criteria within the same document, made available through the use of filters.

This assessment tool can be used internally as a continuous improvement tool, or externally as your customers require. However, where required, it is imperative that an organization verifies with the customer whether the Full or Basic assessment is to be used.

This tool is an Excel file and automatically calculates your Global MMOG/LE score and features a gap analysis tool. Version 4 of the MMOG/LE assessment is only available in English. Each purchased download — one purchase per location site — will also contain PDF files translated into Chinese, French, German, Korean, Turkish, and Portuguese.


Cancelled for 2015: General Motors MMOG/LE Supplier Requirements
Note: The General Motors MMOG/LE Supplier Requirements classes held at AIAG have been cancelled for the remainder of the year. GM will deliver the classes at their Vehicle Engineering Center (VEC) in Warren, Michigan.

Customized Training Solutions
Get the know-how to optimize your products and processes — and save money, too — by training your entire team at your site with AIAG’s corporate training solutions. AIAG’s highly qualified trainers have extensive knowledge and real business experience to bring the latest information to your employees. Customized supply chain training is available for Global Materials Management as well as Customs & Export Compliance. Contact us at trainingcontact@aiag.org for a quote.




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