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Recruitment in conflict-affected areas: Recommendations to sending govts. to protect migrant workers through robust bilateral agreements

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"Governments must consider the risks of sending migrant workers to conflict zones,"

This month, officials from India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana (which neighbours Delhi) are hosting a delegation of Israeli businesses seeking workers from the two states for jobs in Israel. The Israel Builders Association requested Indian workers to replace Palestinian and other workers who have been displaced, laid off, or may have died during the ongoing conflict. The reported salary is generous by Indian standards. 

Indian unions and labour rights activists have already expressed grave concern. Most Indian migrant workers who go to conflict-prone regions are required to register with India’s e-migrate system, which is intended to ensure the safety and security of workers abroad. Israel is not currently included in that scheme, which may leave up to 100,000 Indian workers at risk if they move there for employment opportunities...

The primary concern with the proposal to send Indian workers to replace Palestinian workers, whose work permits were revoked by Israeli authorities, revolves around the safety and security of the Indian workers entering the conflict zone...

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