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Interested in IMDS training, but not sure where to start? Here’s a quick look at both our IMDS Basic Concepts and Application course as well as our Advanced IMDS course  – simply click the links below to learn more!


IMDS Basic Concepts and Application: This instructor-led, “101” level training is designed to ensure users are familiar with all aspects of the IMDS system, with an emphasis on creating quality product substance compliance data.

Along with a detailed review of essential IMDS concepts and how to run the IMDS interface and enter data, this course covers the skills and processes needed to obtain and submit accurate quality data. Attendees also use the official DXC training system for IMDS to complete exercises, and receive a personal training license ID that remains valid for four weeks after completing the course.

Whether you’re new to IMDS or an experienced user, this course will help make you a better user – find out more today.

Advanced IMDS: As an extension of the IMDS Basic Concepts and Application course, this training provides users with a more thorough understanding of relevant regulations to help them provide excellent quality material declaration data to their customers.

Along with a detailed discussion on these regulatory requirements, attendees will also benefit from hands-on instruction on how to use some of IMDS’ more complicated features, including Chemistry Manager, Where-Used Analysis, and more.

Simply click here to learn more about this training and reserve your spot today!



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