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Returnable Container Data Mapping Project Update

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The automotive supply chain has been steadily plagued by the issue of effectively tracking and mitigating loss on returnable transport items (i.e. returnable racks and containers). While this is certainly not a new pain point, multiple AIAG member companies – including a number of OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and logistics service providers – have assembled to tackle this issue in new ways, utilizing cutting edge RFID technology and standardized process flows! 

The ultimate result of these collaborative efforts will be the formation of a new workgroup that will push forward with the Returnable Container Data Mapping project. The goal of this group will be to work toward eliminating loss and reducing excess costs in the returnable container management arena. 

As announced at the Supply Chain Summit and other notable industry events, the work is set to continue with further refinement of the project scope and definition of next steps for process standardization. Contact the AIAG Supply Chain Team at sci@aiag.org for more details on this exciting new project!



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