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Supply Chain 2025 Survey Update

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Last August we announced the kickoff of the Supply Chain 2025 industry survey project in partnership with Thomson Reuters; today, we’re excited to share that the first stage – interview-based discussions in Asia – has been completed!

The next phase of the survey process will launch in America and Europe imminently. In the interim, we’ll be working to analyze the initial results from Asia and exploring the implications of our findings.

Focusing on a number of global supply chain topics, this survey will explore current and emerging trends including the electrification of vehicles, impact of increased technology (and demand for technology) in vehicles, globalization and global sourcing decisions, talent and labor concerns, capacity management, social trends and environmental regulations, and changing societal attitudes toward mobility and vehicle ownership.

We’re looking forward to the next stage of the process! If you’d like to be interviewed for this project, please contact Jim Liegghio.



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