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The Next Step in Automotive Warranty Management

The Next Step in Automotive Warranty Management Blog

Does your organization have an effective process for managing warranty? Here’s a free pre-assessment to help you evaluate where you are, plus training to get you to the next level.

Consumer satisfaction and value — as defined by the consumer — are the real long-term drivers of individual company performance, and the reduction of field warranty claims is critical to improving consumer satisfaction as measured by short-term initial quality and long-term vehicle durability and reliability.

To help organizations measure the effectiveness of their warranty management process, a third edition of CQI-14 — renamed Automotive Warranty Managementwas released in April. Now, new training, as well as a free pre-assessment to discover gaps, is available.

CQI-14 Automotive Warranty Assessment Training
The CQI-14 Automotive Warranty Assessment Training provides a best-practice approach for managing warranty processes with the consumer in mind. The goal of the training is to develop skilled practitioners who are well versed in the assessment tool provided in the CQI-14 manual and are able to provide an organization with a warranty process that utilizes best practices.

This course includes a hands-on example of completing the warranty assessment, as well as how to benefit from the results. Attendees are asked to bring a laptop to class in order to complete an assessment.

The one-day workshop will:

  • Train you to use the assessment tool

  • Provide a warranty process that delivers best practices

  • Provide suggestions for optional reporting

  • Prepare you to be a valuable aid for implementation

The course is recommended for individuals who participate in cross-functional teams, as well as for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of CQI-14 Automotive Warranty Management Guideline and the Warranty Management Assessment.

Date: Monday, August 10, 2015
Time: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Location: AIAG Headquarters | Southfield, Michigan 
Cost: AIAG Member Price: $325 | Non-Member Price: $425

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Free: CQI-14 Automotive Warranty Management Pre-Assessment
With warranty impact receiving high levels of visibility both inside the industry and in the general public, self-assessment to this guideline is a highly recommended proactive step.

The pre-assessment tool was developed as a high-level tool to enable an organization to quickly evaluate its warranty management process and understand what major gaps may exist. The pre-assessment may be completed prior to completing the full CQI-14 assessment that is available in the CQI-14 Automotive Management Guideline. However, taking the pre-assessment does not take the place of the full assessments — which are designed to evaluate the entire organization’s warranty management systems and processes — and does not meet the FCA ISO/TS 16949 Customer Specific Requirement. The full CQI14 assessment is required to comply with the FCA requirement.

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