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Users Share Their Thoughts On the Second Anniversary of the AIAG Core Tools Support™ (CTS) Software Launch

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"One of the primary benefits for my organization has been the ability to keep an entire project’s documentation in one place.” - CTS User 


As teams have become accustomed to working apart, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have the latest version of your FMEA, Control Plan, and PPAP documents at your fingertips. 


The Cloud-based AIAG Core Tools Support™ (CTS) software provides global access and is structured so every team member accesses the same revision of the same document for the same part. Every time. 


Sign up for a free trial or schedule a demonstration to see how 286 companies in 32 countries have minimized their errors and increased efficiency with AIAG’s Core Tools Support™ (CTS) software. 


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Note: The AIAG Core Tools Support™ (CTS) software is now available in China – learn more!