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Volvo Group’s Gwenaelle Dourlen Joins the AIAG Quality Steering Committee


A warm welcome to our newest Quality Steering Committee (QSC) member, Gwenaelle Dourlen! As Volvo Performance System (VPS) and Process Leader in Supplier Network Quality for Volvo Group, Gwen strives to stay current on global automotive quality issues to ensure her team’s use of lean processes that effectively address today’s challenges.

As she joins the AIAG QSC, Gwen is eager to share insights and expertise from her career to date and looks forward to exploring key industry issues, from cybersecurity to supply chain mapping and capacity constraints.

Find out more about Gwen in her interview responses below!

Why do you think it’s important to come together at AIAG and participate in events or volunteer for other activities? 

Connecting with peers and other professionals at AIAG is important to gain a broader view of what’s happening in the global automotive industry, take part in key changes, and offer proposals that advance quality and encourage proactive solutions. 

How do you keep up on what’s new in the automotive/mobility industry?  

I find both internal and external communication critical to keeping up with industry news. Our Quality department at Volvo Group has dedicated information and sharing sessions to stay aware and share best practices, and I find other updates through various external resources.

What current or emerging automotive/mobility trends do you think are most urgent to prepare for?

While there are numerous trends to address in today’s rapidly changing industry, I consider overall supply chain sustainability and taking care of our resources (being careful with mine extracts) in the electrification of our vehicles to be key issues. I also believe in the “think global, act local” approach, not only with our products, but with employees at our company as well.

What advice would you offer those just starting out in automotive/mobility?

My advice to anyone beginning their career in automotive would be to think outside of the box and be limitless in a limited world! Embracing innovation and keeping an open mind to unconventional thinking will open doors to new opportunities.



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