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We’ve got the speakers you need to hear from – register for our Supply Chain + Trade Compliance Summit today!

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The focus of this year’s summit is “the future,” and what’s on the horizon for the automotive supply chain. Attendees will have the rare opportunity to meet the changemakers, innovators, and leaders that drive new technologies that may sound like science fiction, but are already starting to show up everywhere – from the production line to behind the wheel.

These are the leaders that are changing the world as we know it. They are steering the electric vehicle revolution, mapping the future strategies of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, leading the charge on forced labor and human rights, and implementing new supply chain risk strategies. They are the architects of roads that communicate with vehicles, and are changing the state of vehicle ownership, as well as investing in technology-driven efficiencies at ocean ports that will change the face of transportation management as we know it.

General Stephen R. Lyons, former commander of the U.S. Transportation Command and current Envoy Port and Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force, will present information on the extensive outreach and engagement with U.S. ports and private companies to address immediate supply chain bottlenecks and ultimately build a more resilient, globally competitive goods movement chain for the 21st century.

Anna Markett (Stellantis) and Jackie Watt (Ford) will share their strategies, new technologies, and valuable insights about how they will reshape the automotive industry and supply chain management in the years ahead. 

Josh Tavel (General Motors) will share how the company is creating an all-electric future. As an automotive industry leader with more than a decade of EV experience, he’ll cover the transition from ICE to electric vehicles, explore the factors driving EV adoption, and help separate fact from fiction around the realities of EV ownership. He’ll also share thoughts on how the industry can better respond, work together, and capitalize on the EV transformation.

Michelle Mueller (Michigan Department of Transportation) will take us through the latest plans to electrify the roads and how they will communicate with electric vehicles. We will find out exactly what it means to electrify Michigan’s roads.

Josh Perkes (Union Pacific Rail, Loup Logistics) will highlight Union Pacific’s efforts in building a sustainable future, specifically discussing emerging environmental trends. He will focus on current and future locomotive fuel efficiency improvements, including Union Pacific’s purchase of a battery-electric locomotive fleet, along with actions on how UP is championing environmental stewardship.

Matt Carpenter (Silvercar, an Audi Company) will explore how – in today’s transformative times – traditional vehicle ownership is often misaligned with growing consumer desires for more choice and flexibility. As market introduction of new business models like vehicle subscriptions are scaling fast, this trend offers a massive opportunity to modernize traditional supply chain practices and create ecosystems that maximize efficiency, while enabling consumer choice. 

Faith Wandrie (American Axle); Jason Van Ness (Volvo Trucks); and Terry Onica (QAD) will continue the conversation on supply chain risk, discussing the latest trends and enablers in navigating the next set of “waves” facing an industry in transformation.

Gene Seroka (Port of Los Angeles), at the helm of the western hemisphere’s largest gateway for containerized trade, will discuss the factors contributing to our nation’s distressed supply chain, as well as tools and initiatives his team are leveraging to monitor and improve cargo flow at the Port of Los Angeles. 

Paul Spratt (United Parcel Service) will discuss the pandemic’s differing impact across various modes of transportation, highlighting the key drivers in each mode, where we stand today, and what you can expect in the years to come.

This is bound to be the event everyone will be talking about – whether you are an industry veteran, a newcomer, or somewhere in between. Don’t miss YOUR chance to be a part of the Supply Chain [R]evolution! Click here to learn more and register today.



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