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What’s New with AIAG’s CTS Software?

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As we continue to update and develop our Core Tools Support (CTS) software to improve the user experience, we’re excited to announce the addition of two new support features on our main CTS webpage, and a new task screen in the software itself!

Our new “Quick Tips” presentation videos are based on common questions from CTS demonstrations, and help guide users through various CTS features, including adding and deleting parts and projects and changing the software’s presentation language.

Another new addition to our CTS page is the option to “Request a Demo!” Both individual company-specific demos, as well as larger, more general demos with numerous viewers are available to help potential users see the software in action.

In addition to these support features, we’re also updating the “Task Detail” screen in CTS. Currently, Task Details are viewable on the main Task page as an expansion of the Master Task List, however, our next update – scheduled for July 18, 2020 – will add specific detail screens for each project task. These detail screens will show all items for a task on one screen and include a dropdown menu at the top to toggle between tasks. This update, which should be live on Monday, July 20, 2020, also accelerates the software’s responsiveness on the task screens. (See below for a better idea of how the update will look!)

CTS July 2020 Image 1

For more information about AIAG’s CTS Software, please click here or email ctsinquiry@aiag.org.



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