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Setting the Standard for Transparency on Climate Change Impacts

Jan 23, 2024

Consultation underway for GRI Climate Change and Energy Standards

On the eve of the UN COP28 climate change summit, GRI has published draft versions of two standards that will be central to how organizations around the world commit to greater accountability for their climate change impacts.

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Communicate Your Positive and Negative Impacts

Jul 26, 2022

In this article, Andrea Pradilla, the director of GRI’s regional office for Hispanic America explores the theme in the movie of ignoring difficult news — and why facing up to both positive and negative impacts is necessary for a balanced sustainability report. As she highlights in this article on Medium, it also improves stakeholder relationships.

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The GRI Perspective: Why Informing All Stakeholders Is Good for Business

Mar 16, 2022

New CEO sets out GRI’s central role in the reporting landscape.

Is the ESG disclosure landscape congested, or is that a myth? Do sustainability reporting plans by the EU and IFRS compete, or do they fulfil different purposes? What’s GRI’s vision for a more effective — and transparent — global reporting system? And why should companies be accountable for the full range of their impacts on people and planet?

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Most Companies Align with SDGs, But More to Do on Assessing Progress

Feb 16, 2022

Analyzing GRI reports points to progress in SDG integration.

A new study has revealed that four in five of the companies assessed now include a commitment in their sustainability reports to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), yet fewer than half set measurable targets for how their actions contribute towards fulfilling the Goals.

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True Transparency Requires In-Depth Reporting

Dec 15, 2021


How can organizations respond to their needs for improved information on sustainability risks, as well as growing external expectations for transparency? And how can more comprehensive reporting help them adapt to responsible business practices?


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Why Double-Materiality is Crucial for Reporting Organizational Impacts

Oct 13, 2021

Research sets out benefits of robust sustainability reporting alongside financial disclosure.

A white paper commissioned by GRI investigates the application of materiality in sustainability reporting. The paper highlights why disclosing impacts that go beyond those that are financially material benefits organizations while supporting sustainable development.

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Help for Companies on Circular Economy Progress

Jul 28, 2021

Organizations can now link the world’s leading sustainability reporting standards with an innovative tool for measuring their progress towards the circular economy.

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GRI: Upward Trajectory for ESG Disclosure Requirements

Nov 11, 2020

A report assessing the regulatory landscape for sustainability reporting has found that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosure has never been more pervasive globally — and is now firmly in the mainstream of disclosure on organizational performance. As the market implications of certain ESG topics become more evident, interest in the quality of disclosures is also sharpening.

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