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Dept. of State’s Eileen Kane: What You Need to Know to Manage Conflict Minerals Reporting

Nov 12, 2015

On August 4, 2015, AIAG’s Conflict Minerals Briefing IV provided a greater understanding of the drivers that shape the automotive industry's due diligence for compliance with conflict minerals reporting requirements, including updates on U.S. and European legislation. A presentation titled “The Future of Global Conflict Minerals Reporting” featured Eileen H. Kane, U.S. Department of State; Michael Rohwer, CFSI; and Jennifer Guest, TetraTech. The trio shared global updates on conflict minerals requirements in Europe and China with an attentive audience.

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New Resource for GHS Compliance Released

Oct 14, 2015

AIAG’s Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Work Group has joined forces with the internship program at Purdue-Calumet University to create an easy-to-use reference document for chemical manufacturers, mixture companies/blenders, and distributers who must comply with the update requirements of OSHA HCS 2012.

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Supply Security Assessment Streamlines C-TPAT Compliance with Standardized Reporting Approach

Sep 23, 2015

AIAG’s Supply Safe Program, hailed as the “next evolution in border security,” reduces redundancy and strengthens security through an united industry effort.

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Why We Do What We Do: An Interview with Michael Wurzman, Founder and President of RSJ Technical Consulting

Sep 16, 2015

Why do long-time industry professionals volunteer their time?

We’ve all heard it said: Volunteering for your industry is one of the most important and most needed acts a professional will ever do. But in today’s increasingly challenging global climate, finding time is harder than ever. So why do people do it?

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Standardizing Customer Specific Requirements Represents an Opportunity for Industry-Wide Collaboration

Sep 15, 2015

AIAG’s Quality 2020 study identifies automotive pain-points related to customer specific requirements (CSRs) and finds that both OEMs and suppliers have CSR concerns — just not the same ones.

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Inadequate Problem Solving Tops the List of Automakers’ Quality Concerns

Sep 02, 2015

AIAG’s Quality 2020 study identifies automotive pain-points related to problem solving and finds that more than half the industry sees significant risk if problem solving skills aren’t improved to where they need to be — and fast.

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Sep. 22: Effective Problem Solving for Practitioners

Sep 01, 2015

According to an AIAG Study released in June 2015, over two-thirds of automotive industry respondents feel their companies are — at best — only moderately capable at problem solving. Here’s your chance to improve this startling statistic.

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Supply Chain Sustainability eLearning and Knowledge Assessment Tools Now Available in New Languages and Countries

Jul 22, 2015

AIAG is expanding efforts to improve the social and environmental performance of the supply chain by making its comprehensive collection of tools and training available in Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, and Italian.

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Challenges in 5 Key Areas Reveal the Current State of Automotive Quality

Jul 22, 2015

The results of AIAG’s groundbreaking new Quality 2020 report reveal five main challenges for OEMs and suppliers including Problem Solving, Customer-Specific Requirements (CSRs), Quality Management Systems (QMS), Product Development, and Loss of Experience. Here’s an overview of the survey results to help kick off a new article series, which will examine each challenge in depth.

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Ready for MMOG/LE V4 Requirements?

Jul 08, 2015

AIAG’s Global Materials Management Operational Guidelines/Logistical Evaluation (MMOG/LE) provides industry best practices, establishes a common definition of materials practices to facilitate effective communication between trading partners, and is the global standard for supply chain management processes.

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