Register by January 15th to Save on First Southern Automotive Quality Summit

Jan 14, 2016

AIAG and the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association is urging interested attendees to its first-ever Southern Automotive Quality Summit to register by January 15, 2016 to avoid the higher late-registration fee that goes into effect after that date.

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Quality 2020 Study: Assuring Product Compliance is Top Focus in Product Development

Dec 09, 2015

AIAG’s Quality 2020 study reveals that OEMs and suppliers rank product development concerns among the top four most critical issues impacting quality. 

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How to Justify a Software Purchase — Step by Step

Nov 04, 2015

I recently participated in a discussion panel that was part of the AIAG Quality Summit in Novi, Michigan, September 22-23, 2015. The topic focused on software for quality in manufacturing. The panel included vendors offering software for quality improvement and quality management systems.

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The Autopsy Process — a Benchmark in Problem Solving

Oct 07, 2015

AIAG’s Effective Problem Solving Leader Guide (CQI-21) helps companies get on the path leading to problem prevention.

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Standardizing Customer Specific Requirements Represents an Opportunity for Industry-Wide Collaboration

Sep 15, 2015

AIAG’s Quality 2020 study identifies automotive pain-points related to customer specific requirements (CSRs) and finds that both OEMs and suppliers have CSR concerns — just not the same ones.

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Inadequate Problem Solving Tops the List of Automakers’ Quality Concerns

Sep 02, 2015

AIAG’s Quality 2020 study identifies automotive pain-points related to problem solving and finds that more than half the industry sees significant risk if problem solving skills aren’t improved to where they need to be — and fast.

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Sep. 22: Effective Problem Solving for Practitioners

Sep 01, 2015

According to an AIAG Study released in June 2015, over two-thirds of automotive industry respondents feel their companies are — at best — only moderately capable at problem solving. Here’s your chance to improve this startling statistic.

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Challenges in 5 Key Areas Reveal the Current State of Automotive Quality

Jul 22, 2015

The results of AIAG’s groundbreaking new Quality 2020 report reveal five main challenges for OEMs and suppliers including Problem Solving, Customer-Specific Requirements (CSRs), Quality Management Systems (QMS), Product Development, and Loss of Experience. Here’s an overview of the survey results to help kick off a new article series, which will examine each challenge in depth.

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All You Need to Know about GD&T

Jun 24, 2015

An important aspect of any product’s design is the engineering process, which has its own set of rules, codes, and languages. This is where GD&T is often used.

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Is Your Business a Model Based Enterprise?

Jun 10, 2015

AIAG is helping to lead the way.

Almost four decades ago, the automotive industry was clearly in the lead when it came to the emerging technology we now know as CAD/CAM. Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing promised to reduce new product lead times, improve quality, and reduce cost.

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