Key Term Tuesday: SPC

Apr 05, 2016

We’ve all heard of the basic statistical terms: mean, median, and mode, but when it comes to Statistical Process Control things get a bit more complicated. This “Key Term Tuesday” we’re focusing on SPC.

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New Casting System Assessment CQI-27: Voice of the Customer

Feb 15, 2016

The CQI-27 Special Process: Casting System Assessment provides requirements for foundry suppliers of OEM automotive castings. It is not a detailed description of the entire foundry process. Rather, the focus is on common failure modes that cause OEM customers to receive non-conforming castings from foundries. It is written from an OEM and Tier One perspective. It is the voice of the customer and includes specific activities that the foundry industry needs to improve upon. 

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One-Day Casting System and Molding System Assessment Workshops — Now Available

Feb 15, 2016

AIAG is offering a one-day workshop overview course that will help you understand and learn how to use the Special Process Casting System Assessment as a foundation to assure control of these special processes and deliver quality parts and materials.

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Effective Risk Management Starts with FMEA

Feb 01, 2016

All new product development projects involve risk. A properly implemented FMEA will help ensure that potential failures have been considered and addressed during the product and process development cycle.

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Benefits to Getting your Internal Auditor Certification from AIAG

Jan 25, 2016

Much like a tooth cleaning at the dentist or a routine oil change on a car, internal audits are a vital part of keeping quality management systems running smoothly. And similar to the dental and car maintenance situations, the skills and certifications of the person conducting the audit can significantly change your perception of the diagnosis. AIAG offers a wide range of training options to enhance the capabilities of your internal auditors, all of which can be held at your facility. Whether internal or lead, AIAG has an auditor certification course for your needs.

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Make your designs more efficient with AIAG’s Design Review Based on Failure (DRBFM) Guide

Jan 18, 2016

Your current design works, but you may be looking for a way to make it more efficient. AIAG’s Design Review Based on Failure Modes (DRBFM) Reference Guide provides guidance on this in-depth analysis process that focuses on engineering changes once a baseline design has been established. It works by analyzing your current design identifying areas for improvement, and defining the impact of the change.

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Register by January 15th to Save on First Southern Automotive Quality Summit

Jan 14, 2016

AIAG and the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association is urging interested attendees to its first-ever Southern Automotive Quality Summit to register by January 15, 2016 to avoid the higher late-registration fee that goes into effect after that date.

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Quality 2020 Study: Assuring Product Compliance is Top Focus in Product Development

Dec 09, 2015

AIAG’s Quality 2020 study reveals that OEMs and suppliers rank product development concerns among the top four most critical issues impacting quality. 

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How to Justify a Software Purchase — Step by Step

Nov 04, 2015

I recently participated in a discussion panel that was part of the AIAG Quality Summit in Novi, Michigan, September 22-23, 2015. The topic focused on software for quality in manufacturing. The panel included vendors offering software for quality improvement and quality management systems.

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The Autopsy Process — a Benchmark in Problem Solving

Oct 07, 2015

AIAG’s Effective Problem Solving Leader Guide (CQI-21) helps companies get on the path leading to problem prevention.

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